CXHMS (1985-ish graduation) Reunion 2006 Pictures Part 1

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Some quotes

DJ commenting on jackie bhanot's handstand during YMCA - In all my years as a DJ I have never seen anything like that!

Nick Driver - I am glad that this is the right place as I been driving around for ages as i couldn't find this place and wondered if this was an elaborate hoax

Me - Sunil why are you wearing shorts? It's freezing out there

Sunil - It was very warm in my garage in Hampshire.

ANON FEMALE - Hello how are you, where's your hair?

ANON MALE - Hello i'm fine, where's your waist?

Anon : "... I'm glad she didnt come - there are some fantasies you don't want shattering"

Steve (H) : "... I'm very disappointed by the lack of serious disasters who have turned up ....."

NAGLA (To Mick Watts) : "you could have gone to specsavers!"

Anon : ", its Crusty the clown!"

Jackie (Bhanot) - at about 6pm Saturday - to Sunil - "... you know how over excited you get Dear - you really should slow down"

Anon : .. " .... its like someones just got a footpump and just blown **** up! ....."

Sunil to Lance's wife : " .. so as Lance is gay, does this mean you are a lesbian?"

Frank (Kelly) : "Fore!"

Anon : "... no, really you look, er, fine"