New Forest

Setting off from Newbury, provoked memories of camping in the 60’s in the New Forest, but back then you could “wild camp” virtually anywhere, which mum and dad did, in some clearing in the woods, next to a stream/river, where Nigel employed his rope for some long forgotten purposes, and we tried to dam up the stream, inevitably a doomed endeavour. Back then we camped in a canvas, tent, and after shaggy dog stories round the open campfire (!) we slept, only to be welcomed in the morning by the New Forest Ponies foraging for food.

I also recalled going down with the girls and wandering the woods and getting a lovely shot of the two of them on a mossy tree trunk.

This time we settled into a nice site, after exploring a local stream/walk in the heart of the forest at Puttles Bridge and Ober Water. Later that day we went to Hengisbury Head overlooking Muddiford and across to the IoW and The Needles.

Out to see there were about half a dozen (visible) moored cruise ships (covid) in the bay

The second day we drove out to escape the wet weather to Studland Bay, but failed and although the walk out along the sands was dry, on the return leg it drizzled/rained throughout. However a good stretch of the legs.

The final day involved a short walk around Bolderwood, that evolved into a “long cut” of about 11km, through assorted deciduous and evergreen woods, haunted by a white horse (and partners) which kept popping up around our looping walk!