Peak District – Mam Tor and Bamford Edge

Whilst camping in the New Forest, contemplating the next day of our unstructured tour (anticipating heading south west-ish) our daughter rang to say she missed the mountains of Switzerland (as you would!) and really fancied going to climb somewhere in the Peak District.

It seemed silly to refuse, so we headed back to Newbury, and then headed off the next day to Castleton. We went straight on the Mam Tor, anticipating a short stroll up to Mam Tor. However it seemed too easy so set off along the ride towards Lose Hill and were rewarded by stunning views and cloud patterns. Despite a short spell of rain and pretty “brisk” winds, it was a lovely walk, albeit by following what seemed to be the NT return route south of Mam Tor we encountered various boggy streams and slippery slopes on the way down. This was followed by a climb up the abandoned road destroyed/made impassable to traffic about 40 years ago, the tarmac bucked and distorted like play doh. We pass Blue John Cavern then back to the van for tea and well earned sandwich.

The Following day Jasmine wanted to go to Bamford Edge, a rocky outcrop about the village of Bamford. We struggled with navigation due to “road works” on the route up but found a path between houses and were on our way, across fields, then a road across the hill, and finally to the “edge”.

It was only then that I realised why Jasmine wanted to go here for the buttock clenching photo-op below…