Arnside Knott and Morecambe Bay

We decided to head off to Arnside Knott, a hill/outcrop by Arnside on the coast – estuary of the River Kent as it flows into Morecambe Bay

We circumnavigated the Knott hoping to find a route that didn’t involve 1:1 climbing, but after a lovely walk through mixed woodland committed to the ascent eventually bursting through the foliage to the north facing viewpoint to see… the Lake District covered in low cloud and mist! Scar fell Pike is in the centre of this photo!!!

The estuary bisected by the rail bridge and Grange over Sands were interesting but not enough to entice us today

We did discover a Pele (or Peel) Tower, this one being a particularly fine one!

After descending back to Arnside and walking the promenade we lunched on fish pie and fish and chips ( reasonable) then Ying had a tub of ice cream thoughtfully buying me the flake as compensation❤️

Thence to Silverdale and a walk along the beach overlooking (northern) Morecambe Bay before the tide came in then back to base