Nunnington Hall

Today started suboptimally with an overnight migraine but settled by the morning, albeit with a slow start. Arriving at Nunnington Hall we were greeted by a very cheery welcome desk man who couldn’t find the annual membership form (reregistering as “someone” who is now 60 and gets a special rate). However he happily waved us in on a promise of registering on the way out!

The main feature there was the organic garden which to me was a delight. Although appearing very casual and relaxed, like most good things, that relaxed look belies a careful attention to detail below

Lots of wildflower “meadows” and a lovely vegetable garden on the previous tennis lawn. Rod collected plant names in the manner of Pokemon characters and I made up names on a random and sometimes successful basis compared with his “Seek” app

A lunch of tomato and fennel soup followed accompanied by rather raucous peacocks (seen not eaten!)

Onwards to Clayton village camp site, skirting round Pickering which looked rather interesting architecturally (lots of little terrace housing) maybe worth a visit later?). Just outside I had to laugh at a pub which had renamed itself “The Vaccinated Arms”!

Dinners was a simple but rather tasty Sausage Pepperochino Pasta

After dinner we completed the day with a 5km walk, down to Clayton beach and back. Nearly deserted but chattered to a few nice folk along the way

Seals (obviously)