Scarborough and Ravenscar/Boggle Hole and back

Scarborough Castle is very impressive, sitting above the town, occupied on and off for 2500 years or more. The keep had been 1/2 destroyed by cannon fire and both Rod and I both noted from afar it looked slightly tilted…

Down on the main beach front Ying headed unerringly to the seafood stalls and bought two crab sandwiches only to be outbid soon after by fish and chips!

Thereafter we set off to Ravenscar and thence along the Cleveland Way right down on the slightly worrying coast with what looked like fresh collapses towards and along Robin Hood Bay which was lovely in the sun

Having got to Boggle Hole YHA (sadly no cream tea or even anything) we realised we needed to get back to the car so set off uphill and joined the “Cinder Trail” ( an old disused railway cum cycle path) and 18km later completed the walking part of the day

Back at the campsite we retrieved the crab sandwiches and rested up a bit before turning in FX Ying already asleep!!!