Sutton Edge

Although the day started with a traditional bacon sandwich (with Mayo and a little ketchup!) and two mugs freshly ground Lazy Sunday coffee it was a slow start

Rob had challenged us to drive up Sutton Edge in the campervan, we couldn’t resist, and in reality it was a cinch, sorry Rob!!! All practice for the North Coast 500 in September…

Once at the top we followed the signs for “The finest view in England”

I must say the weather was glorious, t-shirt warm with a sky 80% blue with scattered high cloud, truly living up to its name

We followed the ridge for a couple of miles then turned back to the visitor centre and lunch, Wensleydale and onion marmalade toastie, and Whitby fish cakes but although ok sounded better than it tasted

The afternoon took us in the other direction to the Yorkshire Gliding Club where the gliders were being launched as quickly as the tow planes could recycle! Hard to get photos as they landed very stealthily!!! Usually just as you turned your back!