Tarn Hows and Black Fell

Ying had identified Tarn Hows as a modest (NT owned) walk around the tarn (lake) near Coniston/Hawkshead. In fact it is an artificial lake/walk/arboretum up in the hills of a few km circumference. Very picturesque and accessible by narrow “corkscrew” roads with passing places (and a one way descent the other side.)

We quickly got distracted by the Glen Mary waterfalls which unfortunately were semi dried or subterranean in places though the main waterfall was quite nice, down carefully constructed but irregular and haphazard steps.

We then set off round but Ying had an urge to try and find Black Fell. After a mistaken detour and a few questions of a local man out for a stroll (half man half mountain goat!) we steadily ascended to this smallish peak with spectacular views. Wainwright gave it, its own chapter so has to be good! The route was not well signposted or marked but self evident when you knew, but often covered in rocks/stones just the wrong size for easy walking

After a draining descent we treated ourselves to a cream tea, then back to the site for antipasto, tuna pasta, and chocolate undoing all the good work. Oh well