Whitby and Fosse Falls

The day started (after a disturbed night, daughter found gravity too strong whilst running) with a trip up the coast to Whitby and initially Whitby Abbey. This was my second visit to Whitby but the first to the Abbey itself. Even from a distance as we drove across it was an iconic outline on the horizon

Up close it had eerie outlines and although it’s real history dates back 2500 years (pagan, St Hild, Benedictine Monastry, Henry VIII destruction as well as WW1 bombing) you can easily realise why it evoked images of Dracula

Down the 199 steps to the harbour we wandered round the little streets littered with both seafood outlets and Whitby Jet shops

Although we failed to locate the crab shop and harbour side bollards I remember for Yings parents visit 30 odd years ago, Ying found some fab dressed crabs we had at supper

We did however both cross and see the swing bridge in action

By 3pm we we at Falling Fosse tea gardens ( nice chat with owner!) in the North Yorkshire Moors hidden in a valley in a forestry Commission wooded area. Full of birdsong and calm