Another day, another beach

This time at Achmelvich just next to the campsite (100m) but shrouded in mist. Signal poor so one pic only today but extraordinary scenery on the way down

Achmelvich beach
And in the morning…

And now some extraordinary scenery…

On the Rock Road
Award winning bridge at Kylesku
On the Assynt Coastal Route
On the Assynt Coastal Route
Suilven in the background of the campsite

The road from Durness fell into broadly three phases…

The first section from Durness was a boggy wilderness along single track/passing place road. A vast landscape of peat marshland and towering ice age hills often shrouded in clouds. Apart from the road there were few signs of humanity and you realised how nature was master here…

The main negative were several groups of motorcyclist being very stupid (against the general trend of good mutual respect): overtaking by squeezing between stopped and oncoming traffic at passing places. Sadly at the bridge above there was a rescue ambulance helicopter and what looked like motorbike debris on the roadside…

The next phase transformed into sweeping A road with almost indescribable landscape. Glacial effects had worn away the bedrock to low smooth hills and mounds, and small lochs from 50-500 yards long giving a magical effect.

Finally we branched off onto the Assynt Coastal Route, about 25 miles of corkscrew single track road, winding between innumerable mini hills and lochs. Sadly I couldn’t really capture them on film, spending 99% of my effort looking at the road (+/-25% gradients) and the other 1% remembering to breath

We passed a couple of Ferraris, TVR, and BMW i8. Which truly must have been the worst suited, most impractical and frankly pointless transport imaginable for this road, where speeds rarely hit 20mph, and the road barely wide enough for ordinary cars, and showing signs of subsidence at the edges to boot.

Although others were driving full on camper-lorries along there I can’t see myself returning even though I would desperately love to the photograph the stunning scenery.